A new project exploring forms of communication, avoiding  recognizable and familiar forms of language. I am interested in creating a visual narrative, where story's can be told using the viewers subjective and personal response to abstract imagery, form and color. Evolving past our normative forms of everyday communication methods. This project hopes to challenge the reader to fill in the gaps and collaborate with each book. Each Poet- Tree book is a bespoke one of a kind object. Curated and printed by artist Carly Jean Dorrington. Each page is an original hand print created using a combination of the ancient Japanese silk and paper printing artform Suminagashi and European water printing. This book is completely unique and could never be reproduced. Traditionally Suminagashi artwork was used for transcribing poetry. Each print is based on an evolves from a simple ' Tree' form. This book is a tribute to poetry and tells a story using only colour and form. Each page captures a moment of instinct, time and chance. I hope that each book will be treasured, passed on and used to inspire. Hidden among the pages you will find one riso printed poem and a signed removable inlay.