Carly Jean Dorrington is an interdisciplinary artist from England. Working with textiles, print, costume and sculpture. Currently living and working in Berlin.


Artist statement

Version 1 ( short and open to interpretation. 3rd person)

Carly is interested in the journey from A-B and what can occur in this space.


Version 2. ( longer –personal. 1st person)

My work is a response to wasted hours, television, consumerism, advice, opinions, systems and formulas, commercialism, survival, recycling of ideas- mine and other peoples, concepts, impulses, history, wrong and right, the cycle of creating,  a finish point.

Its not a negative response, in words it is fearless, playful, free, immature, inquisitive,  dirty, crude, elegant, still, ridiculous, serious, in motion, stuck, permanent, transient, rich, poor, ugly, beautiful, unusual, boring, original, repetitive, decorative, object, remnant, failed, success, transformations, cheap, earnest, giving, fragmented, erased, experimental, anxious, chaotic and unfinished.

Version 3 (a list of what I think about from A-B. TBC)

I am interested in the idea of seeing and feeling many things at once, form, the body, artifacts, artificial and natural materials, preservation, formats, grouping and pairing, confrontations, comparison, display, waste, future, connection, left behind, motion and stillness, space and mass, objects, visual language, unknown, imagination, surfaces, structures, boundaries, limits, processes, opulence, freeze, gestures, response and completeness.